What Is The Right Clothing For Rock Climbing

What Is The Right Clothing For Rock Climbing

If you are a beginner at rock climbing and are wondering now that I have bought my climbing shoes, what next. The next essential thing to think about is your clothes. Experts at www.gearjunkie.com say that what you wear is as important as your shoes and other climbing gear and many do not realize that. You should carefully choose what you want to wear before starting out to climbing those cliffs and rocks. No matter how good you are at rock climbing if you wear uncomfortable clothing you will not enjoy your activity.
Though you should be wearing what you are comfortable with, what you wear should be in consideration bearing the following things in mind.

Summer: During summer it can get pretty, and you should wear something that will allow you to stay cool. Any clothing which is light on the body and is loose fitting should be chosen, so that it lets air. It is preferable that you wear clothes in synthetic material as it is lightweight, fast drying be it rain or sweat. Some even prefer to wear cotton, but when it rains, or you are very sweaty, it does not dry quickly. Wearing dark-colored clothes should be avoided as it absorbs heat and makes you feel hotter. A summer climbing outfit is usually a tank top or a loose t-shirt, shorts and a cap.

Spring: When you are rock climbing in weather that can get colder you will have to wear something that is warm to insulate yourself from the cold wind or rain as well as keep yourself dry. Cotton is best avoided in such weather conditions as it takes longer to dry if it rains and also can cause hypothermia as it absorbs body heat and cools it. Cotton is only suited for summer or when the weather is arid.

Winter: Not a right season to go rock climbing. Check the weather before heading out and what temperatures it may reach, wear and carry clothes accordingly. Layers of dresses have to be worn to remove them when needed. The first layer should be lightweight. Usually, clothes made of nylon or any other synthetic works well. A layer in the middle made of wool or fleece should be worn which will keep you warm. The outermost layer should be waterproof to protect against rain or snow.

Wear baggy clothes: While looking for clothes to wear on a rock climb, avoid tight clothes as it can hamper your mobility while climbing. Moreover, tight pants or shorts can cramp your thighs and prevent you from traversing. Not just shorts, even the tops that you wear should be loose; else you will start feeling warm, sweaty and itchy. Considering all these, baggy or loose-fitting clothes which will aid in movement is perfect for rock climbing.

Pants or shots: Many prefer wearing loose fitting shorts as they do not come in the way of climbing and also sits correctly when using a harness. The disadvantage of wearing shorts is that it will not protect you from cuts, so the alternative is to wear capris which is halfway between a pant and a short.

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